Monday, 28 October 2013

Congress and BJP Problem Facing in Pali Lok Sabha Election 2014

For all six of Pali district Congress rebel seats are the most challenging. Has become the buzz of several leaders of the BJP rebel. Jalore and Sirohi districts tickets to sitting MLAs and defeated candidates seeking not have to worry about the top leaders. The issue has dominated many local seats. Third Front is not in effect, but both parties have their eye on the rebels.

Almost all the seats of Pali district in the last election both parties Congress and BJP rebels electoral screwed .This time the circumstances are the same. Congress party won the parliamentary secretary Dilip Chaudhary Jatarn the independent contest again if they can not get tickets. BJP candidate against the former Minister Surendra Goyal are set to take off. Hirasinh Deputy Speaker Dilip Chauhan of the BJP and the Congress party and contest elections rebel Ch. Sanjana legislator in Sojat to cut ticket Agri front of party leaders have opened. Do not cut the ticket in case of fielding a candidate is preparing Anderkhane. The former MLA Lakshmi Barupal have rebelled.

Sangeeta Arya in Congress , Ruparam Dnde , Neeraj Dangi and rattan Panwar is an intense power struggle between the ticket. Marwar Junction Chaudhry's claim against Kesaram a dozen BJP MLAs are in the queue. Chaudhry revolt decide to get tickets . Congress MP from ticket counters in the way of Khusvirsinh Bdrairam jakhad Ballast remain. Ketsinh bloc leader MP Medtia name Rajput has passed .Sirvi multiple Sirvi the seat is the only ticket demand. Sumerpur to cut the cabinet minister Bina Kak tickets MP Jakhar with local leaders have guns. District two - three seats Sirvi - Rajput caste Sumerpur to convince voters before being named Minister of the Diwan old man. BJP looks almost the same situation. The former MLA Madan Rathore , Gulabsinh Rajpurohit , SHANKARSINH Rajpurohit , Hanuman Bhati is a clash between the ticket.

BJP 's candidate is almost certain to Pushpendrasinh Ranaut in Bali. But the list of contenders for Congress headache remains. The first led to the defeat of the Congress were as rattan Jnwa rebel. BJP MLA Gian Chand Parakh shift is considered a ticket. Gulechchha Kevlchand in Congress , former MLA bheemaraaj Bhatti , Pradeep is a tug of war between Hingd. Muslim candidate seeking tickets have been voiced.

Tickets remain the dominant caste equation. Given the caste of the BJP and the Congress ticket distribution exercise is ongoing. Compared with the Congress MLA from Raniwadha to Devasi Rattan Patel , Rajput and Bishnoi votes binding face is looking to unify the party. Puraram Patel Congress to prevent BJP from Bhinmal Bhomia Paladin , Paladin , Mali caste equation is seated.

Jiwaram Chaudhry won the Independent ticket Sanchore assuming paved the Congress party fielding candidates in preparing the Bishnoi. In Ahor Patel ( Klbi ) , Rajpurohit, Rajput vote basis , assuming both parties individually Utarengi candidate species. Jalore effect is not so much the species , but Congress ticket Meghwal society is one of the candidates fielded by BJP SC is another.

BJP is likely to be repeat Otaram Devasi. Koli Revdr Jagsiram the BJP could get the chance again. The RAS seeking VRS officers are expected Mitusinh Congress ticket. Gangaben Pindvadha seat of the legislature is to oppose , but it does not see much impact. The long queues for tickets in the BJP was not with one 's opinion.    

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