Thursday, 31 October 2013

Delhi Assembly Election Campaign is Going Abroad in General Elections 2013

Delhi assembly election campaign is going abroad. Whose effect is visible and abroad sitting Indian (NRI) of body, mind and wealth are aligned with the election. Many of them have reached the capital campaign for their hard-earned so many candidates are sending. While sitting in several overseas social media and telephone campaigning in favor of their favorite candidate.
Common men are roaming the streets in favor of party candidates NRI has even had to work hard to bring the party. The supporters of the special units set up overseas diaspora adding more and more is being tried.
Connecting people to places abroad pro - place street theater, corner meetings , seminars etc. are organized Information about the party and its candidates in elections by giving her help is sought . Similarly, Arvind Kejriwal and other leaders delivered speeches , reports that you can share on social media is to mobilize support .
Where such publicity abroad, while the increase in the number of supporters also their involvement in elections has begun. NRI isolated constituency by adopting working in his favor. Related field candidates through video conferencing or phone conversation from his supporters are sitting abroad. Candidate to take his opinion seriously.
Kravl nagar to campaign for the candidate Kapil Mishra, Varun Gupta, who came here from Seattle that you are joining a large number of NRIs. Nearly a dozen people in Seattle in May where they were joined today the number has more than one hundred. They provide you with financial support to candidates for election campaigning are also contributing. Sitting abroad internet, through social media publicity campaign with Chunv - calling people in Delhi are appealing to support the candidate.

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