Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rajasthan Assembly Election 2013 tailor for Lalit Modi.

He was considered as the right hand man of the current president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) but with the change in the power centre, this official known for various controversies surrounding him has now switched over to the other side. Camping with the opposite group after sensing the weakened condition of his former boss, this official came to the other side of fence on Sunday evening surprising many. Now he has been asking for a post in the cricket association as an award for his changed loyalties. He also made telephone call to one of the officials of the other group expressing his desire of getting a post in the cricket association. But he was told that he should consider it as his reward and should feel happy for being spared from any probable inquiry for his various irregularities committed earlier.
It was just one hour left to close the nominations for the elections of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA). Election officials and media were waiting for the Lalit Modi group to file their nominations. At about 2: 15 pm packed in seven cars, president of Sriganganagar District Cricket Association Mehmood Abdi and secretary of the Kota District Cricket Association Amin Pathan, with their supporters arrived at the RCA Academy, in Jaipur on Monday. They filed 12 sets of papers in support of Lalit Modi’s candidature as the RCA president and showed their strength by 12 districts supporting the candidature making it 24 district cricket associations out of 33 supporting Lalit Modi.
The scene at the RCA Academy, where the nomination process was going on, was buzzing with murmurs surrounding return of Modi in the RCA who had surprised each and everyone with his style of working.
There are comparisons been drawn between the working of Modi and how everything would change in RCA in case of his probable win as the RCA president.
Meanwhile coming out, Mehmood Abdi informed the media that the election was tilted towards Lalit Modi and there was no CP Joshi group in the fray for the RCA elections as current president CP Joshi has not filed his nominations.“There are no groups now but there is only one group of the RCA. There are a few candidates who have filed their nominations but they should be treated as independents,” he said while informing the media.
Together with him was secretary from Kota District Cricket Association and BJP leader Amin Pathan who is considered a close aide of Modi.
In 2009 Amin Pathan was allegedly manhandled by other group but on Monday he was confidently walking at the RCA with a probable win on his mind. Pathan has been included in the panel for vice-president’s post in these elections. Earlier on Sunday, in yet another blow to the CP Joshi group in the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), the executive committee changed the team of lawyers which was representing the RCA in various legal matters.
It was decided in the executive meeting of the RCA held on Sunday. It was decided to change the lawyers making it a smooth ride for Lalit Modi in various legal issues. A key official in the current executive committee confirmed the move and said the meeting was called over just one agenda “to change the lawyers”. Notably, with the change of the government in the state, the tables in the RCA have also turned in favour of Lalit Modi.

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