Wednesday, 4 December 2013

BJP leaders ‘masters in corruption’- Rahul Gandi

If a gun licence instead of a gun is shown to a lion, he won’t get scared. Same way, just making laws for poor was not enough, and their implementation was also required. JP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi flayed Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi in his back-to-back rallies in Ajmer, Kuchera (Nagaur), Sikar and Bhilwara on Thursday. “They (Congress leaders) thrive on their British legacy of divide and rule,” Modi said in Ajmer. He also took a dig at Gehlot government saying that more than 40 riots had occurred in the last five-year-rule of Congress in Rajasthan.
Countering Sonia Gandhi’s statement that BJP is a party of poisonous people, Modi retorted that Congress has thrived on ‘poison of power’.
“The Congress shehzada (Rahul) had once said that power is poison. Who has remained in power for more than 60 years?” asked Modi. He also flayed the Central government and said, “You can’t buy 300 grams of onions but the economist prime minister says you are not poor if you earn Rs26 a day.”
In his rally in Sikar, Modi attacked the Congress alleging that it has not fulfilled its constitutional obligations and “destroyed” the nation in its nearly six decades rule.
They do only one thing better than us. They do corruption the best. One can see this in BJP-ruled states like Chhattisgarh, MP and others.  Banswara: Sharpening his attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said there was only one thing it did better than Congress - corruption - and branded the opposition party as ‘masters’ in it. Rahul claimed that while Congress did better than BJP on all other fronts including development, it had surrendered before the Opposition party on the corruption front.
“Today I can acknowledge one thing from this dais. They do only one thing better than us. They do corruption the best. One can see this in BJP-ruled states like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and others. They are the masters in corruption and they are way ahead of us. We surrender on this issue before them,” he said at a poll meeting in Banswara.
Gandhi also hit out at BJP for not standing up for the rights of the poor, saying the Opposition party while opposing various social sector schemes for welfare of the poor had said they were “a waste of money”.
In his attempt to woo tribals in Banswara, the Congress leader claimed the Congress always stood up for the rights of not just the poor but also for tribals and Dalits. Gandhi said that elections were important, but people need to distinguish between two parties and their ideologies.
He also said that while the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders had made tall claims in their speeches, they never stood by the poor, while Congress thought about the poor and their welfare along with development.
He said the wall of poverty that stood before the poor needs to be broken for them to progress fast and promised that Congress would break this wall to take them forward.

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