Sunday, 1 December 2013

Cobrapost Sting Operation News, Narendra Modi News, Photos

' and Cobrapost' after revelations Women spying controversy surrounded the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi are showing once again descends into trouble. They also reveal fresh vexatious ' Cobrapost ' is the same. Cobrapost one or two in the sting but not the whole name of Narendra Modi came 12 times.

'Cobrapost' recent ' Operation Blue Virus " by Sting called ' cyber- nut ' claimed to have busted consuming firms . Sting has been informed of such companies , which create the image of politicians on social media in election season and taking spoiler nut. Not only does sting a person claims Begluru 3 percent of the total income of the IT companies coming from politicians promotion.

The sting of the companies quoted in the forgery has been revealed - Narendra Modi firms are resorting to image and U - Tube all those who are connected with Modi , he raised his own. The catch is that the IT companies in the sting have been forged , Modi has been attributed to him. ' Cobrapost ' social media campaign run by the BJP is explained by all political parties. IT companies to create the image of Modi night and day are doing. Sting IT professionals revelations about Modi's Facebook and Twitter pages have been shown.

In Sting ' Cobrapost ' IT professional journalist mentioned by name is Trikam Patel. The founder of the company told them to Bangalore. Trikam Cobrapost press says about Modi - you see , not only do ....... etc. ....... Facebook Cartoon Cartoon Modi is so ....... his articles are beautifully ....... their articles are written so that they can be properly promotions ... Trikam to say - Well , the truth is that the people of Gujarat are a very naive. If you tell them ghost here , they will most easily make sure of that . As to the promotion of any kind is very easy.

Sting forward Railway Road in Gurgaon Websol Media is mentioned. The official name of this company is going to tell the reader Priyadarshan. He says: - Facebook is to promote the best medium . Asked about it on Twitter , Facebook as he is not paid. He says - and see what Twitter is that Twitter is a paid service is not anywhere right now. 
Veboleksi sting of Malviya Nagar in Delhi is the name of the company mentioned. The company claims that the officer Sanjiv Singh and Ravi Agarwal, Narendra Modi are working for the fan page. They say - we all Congress and BJP .... Kept.
Agarwal said - Narendra Modi's head .... We're not fan page. Ahmedabad is a company that we are connected. The company deal in Modi. Modi living with them we are working for Fasbuk page. Sting in the development Chopra has shown that he is a guy saying Modi and Rahul both are running the website., Narendra Modi released pictures with the woman , who is accused of conducting espionage. These photos can be viewed Modi speaking to the woman. claims that it is the same woman , which were introduced by the Gujarat government spying illegally. After coming to this picture Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms like Modi - such responses are coming. Although female activist Madhu Kishwar catapult objected to the issuance of photo editor highlights Ashish Khetan saying to Satan.
Where Modi allegedly spying for the girl who seems to be the case again Grmata. However, Modi to Facebook add pictures to share with other women began to Tnj began to tighten.

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