Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Who is winner in rajasthan assembly election 2013-Gehlot ya Raje

The high voter turnout in the Assembly polls may have triggered jubilation in the state BJP already but a section of the party leaders are baffled and still have doubts about a clear majority to the party in state elections.
This is the reason why BJP office bearers are taking account of prospects of victory from all the candidates besides a close look at the polling booth-wise voting patterns and the caste-based voting.
This introspection would help BJP arrive at a better analysis of its prospects on the 199 Assembly seats in the state.
This time the voting percentage has risen by 9% and interestingly both BJP and Congress have sufficient reasons to draw a conclusion that all is well for them. According to sources, the BJP has started its analysis to assess whether this unprecedented rise is in its favour or not. Meanwhile, the state BJP is projecting the high voter turnout to be in its favour and an indication of clear majority to party as well as a reflection of state’s mandate against the UPA and Congress-led government in the state. In reality, however, BJP is in the process of assessing the profit-loss equation arising out of the high vote percentage.
Starting Tuesday, the BJP called its candidates from divisions of the state for a feedback session in the capital seeking polling booth-wise information on voting. “Data related to booth-wise voting for and against the candidates were recorded. In addition to this, data related to polling pattern is also being collected from the district presidents of the party so that the information given by the candidates can be cross-checked.
As per sources, the BJP wants to be sure about the total seats it will win on the basis of a ground report rather than on the hyped equation. 
This is the reason why reports are sought from candidates and party office bearers both. It is said that the party will be able to assess the exact number of seats on which it will be leading. Meanwhile, the BJP also has a close eye on the constituencies where the Independents are at a better footing so that they can be contacted if the party falls short of majority in the state.
The one-on-one interaction with Congress candidates conducted at the PCC office by senior party leaders on Tuesday was not only an attempt to explore the possibilities in case of a hung Assembly, but also played an important role in deciding the roadmap for general elections due next year.
During the feedback, maximum candidates complained about lack of support by senior leaders and internal strife claiming it dented their prospects in the elections. Candidates complained about the local leaders who, driven by their personal grievances, worked against the interest of the party in the elections thereby damaging the party’s prospects in several pockets.
Many candidates even submitted a list of such leaders at local level and demanded their expulsion. During the interaction, report card of MPs and other senior leaders was also prepared wherein report was taken about their role in their areas during Assembly election. This is also being seen as start of Lok Sabha poll preparation by the Congress.
The candidates also briefed the seniors about their present prospects, swing of votes and factors that worked in their constituencies. “The present priority of the party is to delve into the possibility of a hung Assembly and get prepared with all possible combinations. But the trend and perception of voters, local issues, caste combination, role of senior leaders including MPs, and internal strife, if any, will help the party to come out with more aggressive strategy for the general elections,” said a senior Congress leader.
In all, the interaction mainly revolved around three factors which include ground reality and trend, role of senior leaders including MPs and internal strife, if any, he added. Sources informed that the entire exercise was conducted at the direction of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, a detailed report of which will be submitted to him in the next two days.
Tuesday’s interaction lasted for more than 12 hours in which candidate from 28 districts were called for interaction with Congress leader CP Joshi, state in-charge Gurudas Kamat, chief minister Ashok Gehlot, PCC chief Chandrbhaan and others.

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