Sunday, 10 November 2013

Congress launch website for Lok Sabha Election 2014

About what to include in the election manifesto of the Congress party , which went on policies , poverty and development model to be better to be removed , all sections of the country on all these issues - seeking suggestions from people, is being done. the name of this website party vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been cleared. One - two day party it will be released to the general public on the website so that everyone can give advice about the manifesto. Social media are handling the affairs of the party Dipendra Singh Hooda , MP from Rohtak and her team made ​​it. In addition to English, Hindi and Urdu placed in this website is the option.
Website on the first page of the Congress president Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Photo of vice , whose one side is the flag of the party 's election symbol , the hand print . Anyone on the website Hindi , English and Urdu , besides regional languages ​​also can give advice .According to party sources , before the 2014 election manifesto of the Congress will take feedback from this site.
Also, the suggestion will be brand new , but the party of the people again through the website asking for advice . This new initiative by the common man is going to join the party . With the suggestion of a national - international relations , business relations with different countries and is asking for advice on relations with Pakistan .

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