Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Narendra Modi rally in Rajasthan, News , Election 2013

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi while addressing an election rally in Alwar hit out at the Congress. BJP party state steeped in corruption, Modi hit back at Rahul Gandhi's statement said the three public corruption in Congress. The scandal has stained the whole family. The prince was telling us that we are world champions in corruption.
Modi said pointing to Congress , The Forum also eat also eat in the game. The farm also eat also eat sand. They do not miss anything. There have been scandals money stashed abroad. India 's money stashed abroad is poor. Why not let the government makes laws that our country 's money in foreign banks and the money in your country who came to know. He said, " we have a right to know that this money kept in foreign banks Who are you? The Delhi government ( central government ) do not worry about it ? '
The Supreme Court also said that the government has no right to remain in power. High Court and Supreme Court of India to any government that is not trampled .He said that Congress party with thick skin on the party would have no effect on the Court 's remark.

Highlights of Modi's speech:
  • 1 December to elect a legislator. Your vote will not only legislators, but will write the future of Rajasthan.
  • There is no such thing as law in Rajasthan. The city is injustice.
  • Do not come close to the election, the Congress promises to people or do not miss them.
  • Most government ministers in a prison Gehlot of Rajasthan is the name of the record.

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