Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Delhi Assembly Elections 2013, Latest News

South Delhi constituency of the 10 seats reserved for Scheduled Castes , including five at two congressional seats , four were won by the BJP and the BSP . The BSP MLA Ram Singh Netaji from Badarpur seat recently joined the Congress .
The report is that the BJP and the Congress Ground all current legislators will be in the field . BSP candidate and you have the names of the candidates of the two major parties have not announced . Two seats in Badarpur and Brijvasan fifth consecutive conventional war between rival leaders are expected .
Other nominees named in the same seats will be cleared . MLA seats in both parties losing , loser candidate , MP, son , nephew of MP are in line with the corporation councilor and mayor .
Badarpur Ram Singh Netaji seat in the last four elections Bidhudi opponent raamaveer Singh joined the BJP . Respective parties to the seat of the ticket bet . Congress and BJP on the seat has not ever win . Bijwasan traditional rivals will be the second seat , the BJP's Satprkash Lochv between Rana and Vijay Singh will compete fifth . Bijwasan and Palam symbolic gesture in the wake of water shortage, and so the last several years of hearing Bijwasan MLA Rana Satprkash bring fill Kanvd from Haridwar .
Congress MP Sajjan Kumar Ramesh Kumar and his nephew, the son of the former MP for Jagprves Sangam Vihar seat tickets are claiming . Mahaabal MP Vinay Mishra Mishra Palam seat tickets for his son are claiming . South Delhi South Delhi constituency in the south-west district of the district 8 of 8 seats and 2 seats . The region's two congressional seats including five seats , four were won by the BJP and the BSP . BSP MLA Ram Singh Netaji Congress recently taken place.
Bijwasan between traditional rivals are likely to compete once again . 1998 in the last four elections, except the BJP and the Congress Satprkash Vijay Singh Rana has three times between Lochv . Brijvasan twice Mahipalpur seat and seat after delimitation . Rana Lochv twice and won once . DUSU Jayvir Rana Rana, former president of the BJP , former councilor of wrestler Ramesh two names were in the discussion . Congress MLA Mahendra Singh Bhattewale Lochv than 1998 tickets are seeking for their son . But Rana and Lochv likely to get a ticket .

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