Friday, 8 November 2013

Now you can also pose photo with Narendra Modi

The publicity campaign under Delhi BJP candidate Narendra Modi as their prime strategy is to give a chance to shoot with . Under this strategy Kincwane photos with their favorite leader will not get a chance , but through Delhi BJP Modi's speech to more and more people will be able to deliver your message . 
On the lines of Gujarat BJP election campaign committee is in the process of promotion in Delhi. It is a 3- D LED screen is designed chariot. Its USP is that you will stand in front of the screen, you will see standing with Modi.
The BJP has the support of high technology. Technologies using Australian people will be trying to get close to Modi. 3 - D virtual Live technology was used during the Gujarat elections, and there was quite a hit . This van has high technology , the LED will remain Vol . It would be glass wall .
BJP vice-president and Publicity Committee Knveenr Ashish Sood said that the BJP 3 - D virtual live is working on. He will present two vans, through which shall be preached in the whole of Delhi. The speech also will run Narendra Modi and some national leaders.
Narendra Modi's speech so it will run when people see themselves standing with Modi . It can also take photos if they so desire . Photo Modi , it would seem to give a speech and you are standing with them . According to BJP sources , then photographed themselves only , but we have to prepare itself photographs . We will upload the photo by dragging it into a website . Anyone can download the photo .

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