Monday, 18 November 2013

Congress Manifesto for Rajasthan Election 2013

Congress issued the Declaration on the Sunday. Reservations for channeling the Gujjar vote is assured. Accordingly, Congress Gujjar, Raika, Banjara, Gadiyha, blacksmith nations will strive to provide 5 per cent. PCC Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in charge of state Gurudas Kamat, Congress General Secretary CP Joshi, a State with a declaration issued chandrabhan.

For Each Category Enticing Promises:
  • APL and BPL 35 kg wheat free .
  •  Rajykarmion the time bound promotion . Since 2004, the medical expenses of persons appointed to recharge .
  •  Monitoring Board for inflation . PDS monitored by GPS .
  • 5 million new jobs for the youth . Cheap electricity to farmers .
  • SC Women in stamp duty on registration of land or buildings at a discount of 1 % .
  •  Two years for women employees of child care (once or in pieces ) holiday .
  • Jodhpur an announcement in the subway train .
  • NAC eradicate drugs from cooperative stores . The package will increase the amount of treatment .

For minorities:
  • Removing restrictions on the number of scholarships to all eligible children
  • More than 75 percent of students scoring in the 12th with 500 per month
  • More than 60 percent marks in graduation exam coaching for competitive special economic assistance to students.
  • Minority women constitute the Working Group. Empowering Madrasa Board

For Road Safety:
Forlen each district headquarters in the state capital will be connected to the State Highway Authority will be formed. With the nationalization of routes review of roadways in those areas where the private operator will provide not interested. Would prefer to add the missing link.

Urban Development:
Low-cost housing will be provided for BPL families homeless. Hospitals near market and will arrange parking. Encroachment of government land will be deleted. Railway bridges or under bridges will be built.

For Worker:
  • Recharge the medical expenses of persons appointed since 2004.
  • Female staff of child care for a maximum of two years (once or in pieces) holiday.
  • NAC eradicate drugs from cooperative stores. The package will increase the amount of treatment.

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