Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Polling Report for Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections 2013

The first phase was approximately 67 per cent of the voters exercised their franchise and this figure is not final. The course is approximately 67 per cent of the voters exercised their franchise. 18 seats in the 2008 elections was 66.85 percent of the vote.
Most voted in Rajnandgaon
Kujur said the initial information about the voting percentage is exposed. Although full details will be given after the return of polling parties. The highest and lowest 79 per cent in Rajnandgaon is reported to have voted 24 per cent in Bijapur. Khairagarh other constituencies in the state 71 , Dongargarh 72 , Dogrganv 76 , Khuzzi 78 , Mohla manpur 75 , Antagarh 58 , Bhanupratappur 70 , 76 at Kanker , Keshkal 77 , Kondaganv 78 , 62 at Narayanpur , 60 in Bastar , Jagdalpur 67 , Chitrakote 61 , 67 and Konta in Dantewada voted 40 per cent in the news.
Did not vote in two polling stations
Kanker district assembly Antagarh Kujur said two polling stations in small Sitaram Pkhanjur and therefore did not vote will be voted on again. Nearly a dozen of the state where the polling station to cast a single vote is reported . The official said the state's Kanker district assembly Koylibedha Antagarh Paneedobir village of Tehsil Gudabeda two polling stations in the village 's location was changed.
Large quantity of explosives recovered
The police from the 10- kilogram pipe bomb Murkinar Bijapur , Dantewada district Mangnar eight bomb , two bombs Kunakonda , Orchha in Narayanpur district in a tiffin bomb and the bomb is recovered from the bande station area. State police said the rebels had fired at the polling station of Bijapur Mnkeli security forces retaliated after they escaped from there. The Bastar region have been reported from districts firing by Maoists.
72 of the 19 seats on the voting
The remaining 72 assembly seats will be held on 19th of this month. The first phase of polling booths were a total of 4142. Sensitive polling booth in 1517 and 1311 which were the most vulnerable. The camera was planted in 2700 polling stations.

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