Friday, 22 November 2013

Main Highlight Features of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) 2014

Anna broke away from the corruption that is running a campaign to overthrow Arvind Kejriwal announced his party's name is announced with a couple of things. Kejriwal and full independence slogan of Swaraj on Saturday that his party lost the several new features.

  • Anyone over 18 can join the party. Fee paying ten bucks for her party membership will be for three years.Members who works four months in active party members will be asked and the party will have the right to vote.
  • He kept his party's goal of establishing Swaraj. He alleged that the government is making a mockery of the Constitution. Therefore, the purpose of the common man party will run the country according to the Constitution of India.
  • The family will be at the party. Two of the party's constitution, any family member can not be an executive of the party. Similarly, any two members of the family on behalf of the party will not contest the ticket.
  • Particularly for women and youth in the party ranks. Each executive will secure a place for women and students. Special care will be taken by women. The primary unit of the party every village, ward and block-level college and two Convenor. At least one of these must be female.
  • Active members will have to choose? According to a village or neighborhood conceptions of Swaraj All active members will select the new active member. Every executive and backward classes and minorities also will be represented in the Council.
  • Party has the right to recall applied. Any member of the executive members of the Council may call back. Similarly, any member of the Executive Coordinator, Secretary or Treasurer can remove.
  • List of donors and Kcren details of the party from time to time be placed among the public. National, state and district level party on the Lokpal and Lokayukta will be formed, which will be the distinguished retired judge and society. Anyone Submitted evidence against any member of the party will be able to complain to the Lokpal or Lokayukta. Lokpal or Lokayukta be able to take a decision on the accused person.
  • All the villages and municipal wards college has been considered as the primary unit. Students choosing to come here as a member of the state and the party's National Executive will be directly involved in decision making.

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