Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Modi plays BJP and Congress both parties, Election News 2013

Minority vote share has increased tremendously consolidating Congress’ position. Courtesy, Modi. The party is still banking on its flagship schemes and there has been no anti-incumbency sentiment against state government nor were there any local issues. In such a scenario, lesser the polarization of general voters brighter are Congress’ chances, especially when minority voting has been one-sided.
It may be the Narendra Modi wave that polarized young voters, women and the common man who has been hit hard by inflation and corruption. If Modi factor really worked in BJP’s favour, BJP will get clear majority especially in light of high voting. The percent of senior and male voters has also increased. But has Modi really been able to polarize the general voters? This will be revealed on December 8. 
Whether BJP wins or loses, all credit will still go to Modi. 
Despite dearth of local issues and anti-incumbency factor against the Gehlot-led state government, the voting percent in the state has been at an all-time high in the 2013 Assembly elections in Rajasthan. And Narendra Modi is being seen as the main reason behind escalation of polling, but political insiders share that this rise in turnout could work out in either party’s favour. 
BJP leaders are of the view that high voting is clearly representative of their prime ministerial candidate striking a chord with the women and first-time voters, which are more than 25 lakh in number. 
“It’s obviously the Modi factor. Modi campaigned here for the first time and thus the high per cent of voters. Not only did women and youth turn out increased but Modi factor has also taken reluctant voters to the polling booths; Modi is no less then hero. So a BJP government is just a couple of days away. Besides the general voter percent has also increased,” said a senior BJP leader. 
“This turnout clearly indicates that there will be no hung Assembly this time. So BJP is obviously in the driving seat,” he added confidently. 
On the contrary, what BJP believes worked in its favour could also spell its doom. 
Modi’s aggressive campaigning in various pockets of the state consolidated the minority vote bank in Congress’ favour. Party leaders who have been denying that Modi could influence voters are now admitting that his image has increased the minority vote by 9-10 per cent in various regions of the state. 
“Voting per cent has been very high especially in areas Modi conducted his public rallies,” a senior Congress leader shared. 
“Voting in polling booths near Dargah area, which was hardly 40 per cent in last elections, has shot up to more than 80 per cent this time. In Jaisalmer, voting has been 85 percent, of which 60 per cent belong to minority community while rest 20 percent are Meghwals. This is a clear indication that minority voting has increased and has been one-sided in favour of Congress,” he added. 
Party leaders claim that the flagship schemes are “also” a major factor.
However, voting share has increased in every category be it the minority, among youths, women or the elderly. Despite high percentage of voting the polarization of votes, be it minority or general, will decide the winner in most constituencies where victory margins is likely to be very slim this time. May be this is the reason both parties have called a meeting of their candidates. 

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