Sunday, 1 December 2013

Narendra Modi Jammu and Kashmir Rally News, Election 2013

Voting continues in Rajasthan assembly elections BJP's prime ministerial candidate between Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed a rally in Jammu challenge . Modi BJP national president Rajnath Singh addressed the rally . He then attacks against the government .

Modi said , " Our government in Delhi is asleep . The government has since 2004 been fast asleep in 2014 that will remain even sleep . There's now more likely to wake them . Because two incidents in Pakistan . The two young people in jails in Pakistan India ( Punjab and Jammu Cmel Sarabjit Singh 's brother ) were closed . Sarabjit in Pakistan hit the prison , the prison Cmel Singh was killed a week ago . If Cmel Singh's death if the central government raises His voice does not face death . "

The return of the Congress ' slogan of secularism " Commenting on Modi referred to in Section 370 . Modi said , " Pandit Nehru said about 370 would wear it lived . Nehru's what the government is willing to comply . We must now consider whether Section 370 is needed . Should be debated in the House . "

Modi in his speech Jammu and Kashmir state government alleging prejudice the Dalits , tribals demanded equal rights . "The women and men should have equal rights . Needs to stop violence against women . " ' Separate ' space ' Super State ' Invoking Modi said , " I am not talking about Hindus or Muslims . I am talking about Jammu and Kashmir . The development occurs where there is unity . "

bomb blast in Udhampur, Jammu before Modi rally. Three people were killed in the blast . Modi rally point of view of security of M and M tightened security at the stadium . All top BJP leaders , including Modi in New Delhi Sunday to rallies . However , Congress leaders do not rally in New Delhi on Sunday . Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Congress on Sunday on Saturday has decided to cancel the rally .

Gage was a shadow of Modi Doda . Jkeni two o'clock in Udhampur district , police said Friday a passenger bus caught terrorist Mohammad Azam . He was a resident of Poonch . During interrogation he confessed that his motive was to target Modi's rally . Hizbul militants in Srinagar was sent explaining the whole plan , but he was arrested on the way . Some people were giving him weapons in Jammu . They have not been caught yet .

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